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This is an instant estimate tool, the results of which will be emailed to you automatically. All estimates are based on Category 5e LSOH but options will automatically be given for:

The costs are estimates for budgetary purposes and would help to give an indication. Any cabinets would be based on 42u 800×800 and any fibre links would be OM3 8 Core (LC termination).

You must enter your business email address (Hotmail, Yahoo etc won’t be accepted) and you may be limited to the amount of estimates you can obtain. Should you wish to discuss the estimate or project in more detail then either call us on 0115 946 1607, mail us on, ‘Call Us Online’ or ‘Live Chat’ directly from the website.

General Information

* Mandatory Field

e.g. 2000 (we assume double outlets)

Max = 90m. This is a VERY important element for the costs.
If blank, we will assume 50m.

i.e. Is there more than 1 building or multiple cabinets planned within a building?

If blank, we will assume no cabinets.

Backbone Cabling (Between Cabinets)

If more than one cabinet is required then there will need to be at least fibre connectivity between them. For this exercise for each cabinet over the initial one we will have costed for an 8-core OM3 fibre terminated as LC presentations.

Remember should you wish to discuss the project either call us on 0115 946 1607 or mail us on

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