Mobotix IP Security Cameras

‘IP’ based Networked Video Surveillance System.

The MOBOTIX digital surveillance camera is world renowned for its image quality, technical specification and cost effectiveness when compared with traditional CCTV offerings. An initial design criteria which said ‘No moving parts’ within the camera, has resulted in a system that requires virtually no maintenance.

“No need for an expensive, single point of failure, Network Video Recorder” as each camera contains its own image management system in software for the storage and instant retrieval of event driven images from a standard PC server. The only software required to manage the system is a browser (IE6, etc.). Systems can be configured from as few as two cameras to hundreds, even thousands, with no additional costs other than image storage requirements. A camera on the system designated as the ‘master’ can allow the control and multi-view of any other cameras on the LAN or WAN. Being ‘IP’ based, remote management and viewing of cameras over a VPN/Internet connection is simple – just a mouse click away.

Product Features

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