netbotz2NetBotz is the first network appliance designed specifically to provide early warning of conditions that lead to equipment failure. With reporting, alerts and all monitored conditions accessible via the web, management of remote locations and branch offices becomes cost effective and proactive.

NetBotz allows you to improve network reliability and availability while increasing the productivity of IT resources that are tasked with maintaining these networks. NetBotz appliances are simple, low-cost and require no additional resource development. NetBotz appliances can operate independently or as part of an enterprise management solution. NetBotz protects your IT equipment through camera-based remote viewing of server rooms, cabinets and racks while monitoring for variations in temperature, humidity, sound, and air movement through internal environment sensors.

These small, self-contained mounted devices generate HTML messages that serve as an alert mechanism to a central monitoring system located on a web-accessed browser. Users can receive information regarding unfavourable conditions of their equipment through an email or paged message.

NetBotz 500

NetBotz 420

NetBotz 320

External pods include a Camera Pod, Sensor Pod, CCTV Adaptor Pod and a Day/Night Camera. Sensors available include a Door Switch Sensor, Amp Detector, External Particle Sensor, External Fluid Detector, Humidity Sensor and Temperature Sensor.

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