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New Data Centre For York Council

06 Sep 2011
Yorck Council

After an intense bidding process, Electron have been awarded the contract to design and install a Brand Rex Copper & Fibre cabling system with associated cabinets for York Council’s new data centre within their new headquarters. Director Pete Saxton will be adopting a ‘hands on’ approach to this very important and prestigious contract.

Dutch Courage

29 Sep 2010
Dutch Courage

Electron have completed an Excel Category 6 shielded installation at Sofitel’s premier Hotel in the centre of Amsterdam. Teams of engineers travelled over and completed the 600 outlet installation in record time.

A Concrete Order!

04 Apr 2010

Electron have signed a strategic agreement to design and install all of ROM’s cabling infrastructure and LAN systems for their ‘concrete re-inforced bar’ production facilities in the UK. Due to the ‘difficult’ factory conditions, the metal containment systems will need to be installed outside of normal production times which could involve small ‘windows’ over a weekend period. Connectix Category 5e shielded systems will be installed on all sites with OM3 fibre for the backbones.

Helping The Learning Process

18 Nov 2009
Learn Direct

Through their partner Damovo, Electron have been awarded a £50k cabling project to provide copper and fibre infrastructure for Learning Direct’s first ‘Cloud’ site in Leicester. A Brand Rex Category 6 system will be deployed.

Kingston Communications

19 Jan 2009

Electron have completed a ‘pre-terminated’ Brand Rex copper cabling installation using Chatsworth open racks for patching and ‘inter rack’ cabling to over 30 racks. All of the 12 and 24 way looms were measured, cut, terminated and tested ‘off site’ and then installed as looms.

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